Software Engineering Training Internal Portal

United Coder LLC was founded in 2017. In the past five years, the company engineers and consultants completed many complicated IT software development and test automation projects in banking, finance, healthcare, education, mortgage, network, Tel Communication, and advertising industries.

We have a team of highly educated and experienced professionals with more than ten years of progressive experience, professional knowledge, and technical expertise in various IT fields.

We created the Software Engineering Technology Portal to help United Coder internal engineers and external test automation professionals (SDET) keep their knowledge up to date through constant learning and knowledge improvement.

If you have any questions regarding United Coder LLC services, please email [email protected].

Below are some highlights about United Coder.

  • United Coder is a Global Learning Community
  • Our students come from every country in the world! Whether you are interested in becoming a software developer or a software test automation engineer, we are here to help you achieve your goal.
  • Our Difference
  • In our training program, we do not use boring PowerPoint slides. Instead, we use a real project-based training approach in our weekly course assignments and projects, so that our graduates can utilize the gained skills in real work environments without additional technical training.
  • Our Impact
  • Our intensive training programs have converted fresh college graduates, Uber/Taxi drivers, restaurant workers, retail sales associates, child care mothers, and other low-paying workers to software developers in test (SDET) or software developers. They are making a significant impact on their family growth and community development.
  • Our Value
  • Our instructors and automation project managers have more than 10 years of working experience and 5 years of teaching and project management expertise. Therefore, we bring you the best training and knowledge-gaining experience in our entire training. We also arrange tutoring sessions for students to make progress without any roadblocks.